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Marketing Articles/Business Blogs

These are a few cherry-picked examples of blog posts I’ve written recently. They are all related to digital marketing in one way or another.

(September 2017) – Business Lessons from ‘THE TIPPING POINT’

(June 2017) – Why SEO and Content Marketing are the Same Thing (Pretty Much)

(April 2017) – Using Long-Tail Keywords in Your Web Content

(January 2017) – 17 Digital Marketing Problems to Pounce on in 2017

(December 2016) – Are You Done With Social Media?

(June 2016) – 5 Website Mistakes Made By Startups


Content Marketing (Client Work)

I have contributed long-form written content to a number of clients over the past few years. Here are a few examples of writing I’ve delivered for a sales consulting agency in Dallas.

(August 2017 – Ongoing) – The Art and Science of Selling (Part1)      (Part 2)      (Part 3)

This series is an adaptation of Brian Williams’s book, The Ultimate Sales Messaging System. The adaptations are my work, though it was agreed upon to publish all articles under the business owner’s name.

7.5 Mistakes Homebuyers Make

Next, are a few articles written for a regional real estate developer. If you like these and want more, I’ve got them. Just ask.

(October 2016) – 7.5 Mistakes Homebuyers Make

(January 2016) – Ask Weird Questions Before You Buy

Facebook Ad Concepts

(May/June 2017)

Bug Tested. Summer Approved.


Haiku (Hint: the copy is a haiku)

Haiku (Hint: the copy is a haiku)


Most short-form copy I write ends up being tied into something long-form, but here are a few traditional (more-or-less) standalone ads I designed for an AVON representative.


This is not a picture of me. This is Mark Mathis, a filmmaker and media personality I interviewed in 2016.

(August 2016) – Oil and Water

This is a think-piece I wrote about the marketing dilemma faced by major oil companies. It was a bit controversial at the time, and even generated some pushback and defensiveness from sources that I dealt with behind the scenes. A small “badge of courage,” if you will.

(May 2016) – Interview: Documentary Filmmaker Mark Mathis

An interview I conducted with a filmmaker with an unexpected and provocative stance on the oil and gas industry. 

Also, see my review of the film itself, Talkers and Doers.


(August 2014) – Love Never Fails

And another I recently penned for the United Way:

Student Work

(Fall 2011/Spring 2012) – Wegmans Food Markets: Graduate to Organic: (IMC Plansbook 2012)

A PDF of my master’s project.

(November 2010) – 

Pistol-Packing Prof Sets Cancer in Her Crosshairs

Getting MERT-ed

Two feature stories I had published as an undergraduate:

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